Introducing Our New & Improved Resources Tab

Our resources tab has been a trusty part of the VaxCare portal since its inception. We’re very excited to announce new updates that make this feature even more valuable and easier-to-use for our partners.

You’ll find all the same helpful forms, reports and other resources on our new streamlined resources tab. Some favorites such as Billing Details have a new name and expanded capabilities; other such as Consent Form Uploader have been refined to make them even easier to use.

Other highlights:

  • EASY-TO-NAVIGATE INTEGRATED USER INTERFACE—no more opening a separate browser tab

  • NEW VACCINE INSIGHTS REPORT called "Patient Checkouts" which is an expanded version of our "Billing Details" report

  • IMPROVED CONSENT FORM UPLOADER with confirmation notification page

  • MORE POWERFUL COMPENSATION REPORTS—view specific transactions, print pdfs and more

  • SEARCHABLE DOCUMENTS tab that contains all of the documents that were previously found in the "Forms" section of Resources

Updates to Vaccine Insights

Our collection of reporting tools, known as "Vaccine Insights" can now be found in the second tab of the Resources section. See below:

Upon opening the Vaccine Insights tab, you will find all of your previously available reports, along with one updated report. What was "Billing Details" is now "Patient Checkouts", found in the bottom left of this menu.

Patient Checkouts will allow you to run the same reports that Billing Details allowed but now you can also filter for patients who were checked in but not checked out. Our partners were previously able to accomplish this in the "Check-In Roster" but we have migrated that capability to this new report!

The tool that used to be found under the Forms section of Resources is now a prominent feature in the Documents tab of the Resources section.

The new Consent Form Uploader will clearly confirm when consent forms have been submitted, as well as allow for drag & drop of files—making this a much smoother experience for YOU!

Updates to Compensation Reports

Since early 2020, our much improved compensation summary has been available in the Billing tab of your portal. Now from the Billing tab you can view specific transactions, similar to the Compensation Detail report. You also have access to an all-inclusive and intuitive Statement that provides even more insights than the previous Compensation Summary report.

And, as of December 2020, you can also print a PDF file of the Statements found in your Billing tab. Compensation Statements are updated on the 15th of every month.

Updates to Forms/Documents

What was previously known in our system as "Forms" is now simply "Documents". All of the documents you are used to having available on your Resources section are still readily available in the Documents tab—and now, you can even search for the document you are looking for!

We hope these updates make your VaxCare experience, and your day, go even more smoothly.

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