VaxCare has a variety of reports available to all of our partners! We talk more in depth about each of these reports in other articles, but this is a great place to start if you aren't sure which way to go. 


The Compensation Summary gives you a quick view of your compensation for the month. This report comes out on the 15th of the month and covers the entire previous month. For example, on February 15th, I would be looking for a report called "January 2017" because I'm looking to see all of my compensation for the January 1 - January 31 compensation cycle. The Compensation Summary will show you compensation owed to you; any charge backs for doses written off, Self Paid, or Partner Billed; and the net compensation. Remember there is a $20 rental fee per VaxHub that is not reflected in the net.


The Compensation Detail Report is an itemized list of every patient and vaccine that either contributed to -- or deducted from -- your compensation check for that cycle. We recommend you reconcile this report monthly. For help, see Compensation Detail Report. To include the Provider who ordered the vaccine for the patient, click "Export" at the top of the Compensation Detail Report page. The Provider is included in the Excel version of the report.


Starting Summer 2018: The New Inventory Experience Release

Your new "Vaccine Insights" page will show you a detailed Vaccine Count report.  

Log in to the VaxCare Portal at, then click on the Resources tab.  Click "Vaccine Insights" at the top of the left-hand menu.  Select "Vaccine Counts".     

Choose your location, stock, product (skip this to view all products), and month.  

Now, you'll see your total variance amount for the month, along with a detailed report of all daily counts.  A positive variance means you'll receive credit at the end of the month, a negative variance means you'll be invoiced.  Negative dollar amounts are indicated by parentheses.  

Before Summer 2018

We recommend checking the Vaccine Count Report after each weekly inventory count, as it is here you will find not only your history of inventory counts but the results of said counts. You'll be able to see:

  •  any vaccines NOT COUNTED (purple box)
  •  any vaccines that match the Hub inventory perfectly (green box)
  •  any vaccines that are missing (blue box), as well as the invoice associated with those missing vaccines (blue arrow). 

For more information, see Daily Count Part 2: Reconciling Inventory.


The Consent Roster will keep a history of every patient who receives a vaccine through VaxCare. If a patient does not show up on the Consent Roster, this means their Check Out was not completed on the VaxHub or they were never checked into VaxCare to begin with. This is a good reconciliation tool if you ever find unaccounted vaccines!

Within 2 minutes of a patient having their VaxCare vaccination encounter completed via check-out on the Hub, you will see a Risk Free status appear on the Consent Roster. This is a great tool to use daily to ensure patients were checked in and out by staff correctly. 


Much like the Consent Roster, the Check In Roster will keep a list of every patient who has ever been seen by VaxCare, with the notable exception that this report will show you patients who were checked out OR not checked out. This is a great tool for inventory reconciliations, because you can see which patients were checked into our system without receiving a vaccine scanned out under their name.

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