We're here to help your practice administer public COVID-19 vaccines to your communities. With our COVID-19 Assist program, VaxCare will be able to manage and bill your public COVID-19 vaccine, like we do for your private vaccines.

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Enrolling in COVID-19 Assist

If your practice hasn't already enrolled in VaxCare COVID-19 Assist program, visit the link below and fill out the form to start the process.

This does NOT enroll you in your state's public COVID-19 vaccine program, see under '01 Enroll' below for more info on state vaccine enrollment.


The product suite will be ready to support public COVID-19 vaccines on February 16th for those who have enrolled.

We will do our very best to support all partners, but depending on the volume of demand for this program, may need to prioritize partners who currently have or expect to have COVID vaccines in the near future. If we are unable to enroll your practice during the initial rollout, we may be able to do so at a future date.


We've received many questions from partners like you that we've answered on our handy FAQs page which you can visit here.

How it works

Please follow all local, state, and federal requirements for managing and administering public COVID-19 vaccines.

01 Enroll

You enroll with your state to receive public COVID-19 vaccine.
Learn more about how to enroll in your state's program here.

02 Receive

You receive vaccines based on your state’s allocation protocols.

03 Manage

You add the COVID doses to "state" inventory via the Hub as you place them in your fridge/freezer.

You send a daily inventory count to VaccineFinder.

This is required of all practices enrolled in the federal public COVID-19 vaccine program.

We track the doses you receive and use (once they are added to the Hub).

04 Dispense

You check out doses on the Hub or Mobile Hub, just as you currently do with your other vaccines.

We track the patients that have received their 1st and 2nd dose.

We help you set up COVID-19 vaccine clinics with the Mobile Hub.

05 Administer

You administer vaccines to your community.

We enable you to administer vaccines to non-patient walk-up appointments using our Mobile Hub.

06 Chart

We automatically chart administration data with your EHR and registry as we do with your private vaccine. Only available for select EHRs and registries.

All practices enrolled in the federal public COVID-19 vaccine program are required to send vaccine administration information to their state registry.

07 Bill

We automatically bill the administration fees on all in-network claims.

You bill any remaining partner-billed claims.

Did you know? Although the vaccine is free administration fees should be billed to the patient’s insurance.

08 Collect

We pay you the administration fees.

Have any additional questions?

Reach out to customer care at help@vaxcare.com or +888-829-8550.

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