Adding Doses Transaction

Use this workflow if your clinic has received a shipment of public stock and desire to add it to your public stock (VFC, COVID/State) inventory.

From the home screen of your VaxCare Hub, click the "Adjust Inventory" button.

Select the "Add Doses" icon. You will then be prompted to choose which inventory you are adding from, and which inventory you are adding to.

Please Note: All Covid doses are added to State inventory from a Public Inventory Shipment.

After completing your selection, you will be taken to the screen which will allow you to scan or search for the products that you are adding to your Public inventory,

You can scan or manually add the product from this screen.

From here you can increase, or decrease the quantity using the arrows next to the quantity, or by tapping the quantity itself in order to prompt the PIN pad to enter it manually.

When you have added all Product Lot Numbers & entered quantities for each selection, tap the arrow button to continue to the confirmation screen. One or more products must be present in the transaction in order to continue.

After reviewing the products included in the transaction on the Confirmation screen, you may tap the large Check button in order to submit the Adjustment and continue to the Complete screen.

The Complete screen will display a summary of doses in the adjustment. The user may choose to perform an additional adjustment or Log Out.

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