Uh oh. You came back on Monday morning after a relaxing, restful weekend to find your coworker left the door of the fridge wide open. Everything is ruined, and you're about to go into panic mode! But don't. Remember, we've gotcha covered! 

Step 1: Call the manufacturer directly to discuss the details of the excursion

The excursion rules related to each product are unpublished and controlled by each manufacturer on a case by case bases. Call the specific manufacturer(s) of the vaccines in your fridge to give them the details of the excursion. 

They will ask you questions like: What was the last temperature you documented before you discovered the fridge went out? How long was the fridge known to be out? What is the current temperature in the fridge? What products do you have on hand? Do you have bottles or water or refrigerated ice packs in your fridge to help maintain temperatures during an outage?

Please note we cannot give you advice on temperature excursions, other than to point you in the direction of the vaccine manufacturers.

Vaccine Manufacturer's Quality Control Phone Numbers:
Merck- 800-672-6372
Sanofi Pasteur- 800-822-2463

Step 2a: If vaccines are viable then document

If the vaccines are viable, simply document according to office policy and then use the vaccines as normal. There is no need to call VaxCare if all vaccines are viable. 

Step 2b: If vaccines are NOT viable

If the vaccines are not viable, call us immediately. We'll overnight new vaccines (if the fridge is working) or we'll place your orders on hold (if you need time to purchase/install a new fridge). You are only financially responsible for vaccines that are missing or that do not have their sterile cap at the time of the fridge outage.  The vaccines will also need to be removed from your inventory and returned to us. Please follow these steps in order to do this: 

1.) Select the menu icon to find the "Manage Inventory" section of the VaxHub

2.) Select "Return Doses" as the inventory transaction type you'd like to complete

3.) Select "Fridge Out of Temp Range" as the Reason for Transaction.

4.) Select the product(s)  that you would like to return because of the fridge outage.

You can scan the dose or tap the "Scan or Tap" button next to the corresponding product

5.) Select the lot number that you wish to return by tapping the pencil icon

6.) Enter in the quantity of that lot number you are returning by using the number pad below. 

Once you have entered in the quantity, tap "save"

7.) After you have saved your quantity, select "close" 

Repeat steps 4 - 7 for any additional products out of temp range you would like to include in this return. Once you have selected all products you wish to return, tap the blue circle with a check mark and three lines.

Select "Save and continue"

You will be brought to a summary page to review what you have selected. If everything is accurate, select "Submit"

Choose your pick-up availability by tapping dates on the calendar that you would like FedEx to come to your office. You must select at least THREE future dates before continuing with the process.

You can also toggle the AM and PM sliders (sun and moon under calendar) to the right to choose if you want the pickup in the morning only (9am-noon) or afternoon only (noon-3pm). Select both if you would like the pickup to be anytime within 9am-3pm.  If the sun or moon is toggled to the right, you have selected that time of day works for a pickup. If toggled to the left you have selected for the pickup not to occur during that time.

Once finished, tap "Continue."

Congrats! You have submitted a return request!

Once submitted, we will schedule the FedEx pickup and email your office champion confirming the date FedEx will arrive. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you package up your vaccines and have them ready to go for the pickup
  • Vaccines do NOT need to be sent back cold or on ice packs
  • FedEx will provide the label once in office for the pickup

Do not, under any circumstances, throw vaccines away! Call us first and we'll help you return your non-viable vaccines or give you further instructions if the vaccines are broken or otherwise damaged.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at
help@vaxcare.com. Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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