Once a count confirmation is submitted, your inventory is updated to reflect the confirmed doses on hand. A total variance (discrepancy between your count and our system's records of what your count should be) for that month is displayed for either a credit or an invoice for any doses above or below the number of doses we show you should have on hand. Worry not, you have until the end of the month to reconcile before a credit or invoice is issued.

 If you feel a count is inaccurate for any reason, please call us immediately! Otherwise, follow the steps below to reconcile your inventory count.

Vaccine Insights

Inventory Balance Report

View your overall balance due to inventory variances in your "Vaccine Insights".  

Log in to the VaxCare Portal at www.vaxcare.com, then click on the Resources tab.  Click "Vaccine Insights" at the top of the left-hand menu.  Select "Inventory Balance".  A positive balance means you'll receive credit at the end of the month, a negative balance means you'll be invoiced.  The report details which transactions make up the balance, broken down by product and lot number.     

Vaccine Counts Report

Your new "Vaccine Insights" page will show you a detailed Vaccine Count report.  

Log in to the VaxCare Portal at www.vaxcare.com, then click on the Resources tab.  Click "Vaccine Insights" at the top of the left-hand menu.  Select "Vaccine Counts".  

Choose your location, stock, product (skip this to view all products), and month.  You'll see a detailed report of all count confirmations.     

Finding Missing Inventory

Your new "Vaccine Insights" page allows you to see every transaction for each product. 

Navigate to "Product" on the "Vaccine Insights" page or by using the drop down menu "Viewing Inventory By" if you're already on the Insights page.

Choose your location, product, and the date range of when the variance occurred. 

This will show you check-outs, shipments, and variances and will give you insight (see what we did there?) into your inventory variance.

Resolving Missing Inventory

Below you will see examples of situations that will cause a variance and how you can resolve each situation. Please skip to your particular reason for the variance.

Scanning out missing patients. To scan missing patients simply select the correct date of service, select patient name, and type in the lot number and vaccine they received, just as though you were checking them out in real-time (for help, see Checking Out a Patient). This will report to VaxCare that the vaccines were given, and we can bill their insurance accordingly. This will additionally deduct that dose from your inventory.

Adding a dose to a patient claim.
If you find that a patient has already been checked out but is missing a vaccine from their claim, let our Customer Care team know which vaccine/lot number the patient received in addition to the vaccine(s) already checked out. You can do this by simply calling our Customer Care team or by sending them a quick chat through our chat bubble you see on the bottom right. The Hub will not let you edit a previous check out after midnight on the Date of Service as a claim has already been sent out.

Removing a dose from a patient claim.
If you find yourself with more doses than we report it may because a patient was checked out who did not receive that vaccine. If it's the same day as the date of service simply edit patient check-out using the "Daily Check-Out Report" (for help, see  Editing a Patient Check-Out). If it's not the same date of service you can reach out to our Customer Care team through that cute little Chat Bubble on the bottom right corner or by calling in.

Reporting a shipment that refuses to load. All shipments should load into your inventory automatically but sometimes the robots conspire against us. If you see a variance due to a shipment not loading, contact our Customer Care team. They love the help.

Requesting a return for expired doses. You should continue counting all doses in your fridge until you request a return (for help, see Expired Vaccines). Go ahead and confirm these doses in your Count Confirmation and then request a return through the VaxHub.  

Reversing incorrect stock usage. The battle of using the correct stock is real. We got you. If the incorrect stock of vaccine was used you can go ahead and complete a transfer in or transfer out on the VaxHub (for help, see VFC Borrowing). This article will help with other stocks as well. 

Confused about inventory credits and invoices? Check out Count Confirmation Part 3: Inventory Credits & Invoices.

Still have questions? Refrain from pulling your hair out, reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at help@vaxcare.com. Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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