As detailed in Count Confirmation Part 1 and Count Confirmation Part 2, VaxCare now requires each of our partners to take weekly inventory count confirmations. This helps AVR stay on track and helps both you and VaxCare isolate issues with plenty of time to correct them as needed.

We've already talked about counting inventory and reconciling inventory, so if you missed either of those steps, you can go back to the two linked articles above. In this article, we're going to talk about rolling inventory accountability. 

Rolling inventory accountability means that at the time of your inventory count confirmation, both you and VaxCare are agreeing that the inventory count is correct for this particular moment in time. If you count more vaccines than our system shows you should have on hand, we'll credit you for those doses at the current market value, according to our Vaccine Fee list. If you count fewer vaccines than what our system shows you should have on hand, we'll invoice you for those doses at the current market value, according to our Vaccine Fee list.

A "rolling" system allows mistakes to be corrected logically and easily. Let's say you simply miscount your inventory and your count shows you are missing 1 dose of TDAP.  VaxCare will remove the "missing" dose from your inventory count and place an invoice on your account for $35. Later, when you count your vaccines correctly, you're going to count 1 more dose than the system thinks you should have, because we adjusted out 1 dose based on your incorrect count. We'll fix your inventory and place a credit on your account for $35. You've netted zero dollars and zero missing doses, so you weren't penalized for a mistake in your count.

Crediting back actual missing vaccines. Ok, so we've talked about what happens if you simply miscount your vaccines. But what if you have actual missing doses? How do you get credit for finding the missing vaccines? Let’s look back at the math.

Let’s say today is February 14. Yesterday, on February 13, we were missing 2 Prevnar.  The Hub showed we should have had 13 on-hand, but we only had 11.  VaxCare adjusted our inventory to match the 11 Prevnar we reported and placed an invoice on our account for $346. 

But this afternoon (February 14) we went back through our Daily Check Out report and saw that Thomas and Jane had not been scanned out, so we went ahead and scanned out their doses. The Hub thought we were giving vaccines out of our fridge stock, but in reality, we were scanning out doses that had already been given prior to our inventory count. 

So the Hub count now shows 9, but we actually still have the 11 we counted yesterday in our fridge.  In our Count Confirmation, we'll count 11 Prevnar, but the Hub will still show we should have 9 on-hand, so we'll have an overage of 2 Prevnar. This tells VaxCare to adjust our inventory count and place a credit on our account for the 2 found Prevnar (or $346). This means that we will have netted zero dollars and our count will be back to perfect. 

What about VFC borrowing? Truth is, as far as the math is concerned, it doesn't matter why your inventory is short doses. It works exactly the same way. So long as you scan the "missing" doses out to patients or include them in the next inventory count, your counts will return to normal and you'll be credited back for the cost of the vaccines. For more information on VFC borrowing, see VFC Borrowing.

So when do I get my credit/invoice? When we talk about "placing a credit or invoice" on your account, we don't mean that you're financially responsible for those vaccines day of. However, the net inventory invoice or credit on the last day of the month (based on all of your inventory counts for that month) is what will be added to -- or deducted from -- your compensation check for that compensation cycle. You still have 90 days to find any missing vaccines or scan out any missing patients, but those doses will not be credited back until the next compensation cycle.

Please do not call us between counts to ask for a vaccine credit, unless you need help reconciling your inventory. If you do not want a credit or invoice on your account, reconcile your inventory before submitting your final count for the week. Otherwise, you will be credited or invoiced with the next count.

Though it may sound a bit confusing at first, taking weekly counts ensures that we know exactly how many vaccines you have in your fridge at that particular moment in time. This allows our Automatic Vaccine Replenishment system to work properly and allows you to reconcile doses quickly and easily, since we are only working with one day’s worth of inventory at a time! 

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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