At VaxCare, we strongly recommend against borrowing back and forth between your VFC and VaxCare inventories. Let me say it again: You should try everything in your power to prevent borrowing to or from your VaxCare inventory.

That said, we know life happens, and there are times when VFC vaccines run low or patients are plentiful, and borrowing is an unavoidable reality. So, for those moments where you find yourself borrowing, we give you these two caveats.

First -- and this is very important -- VaxCare is not responsible for lost or missing doses related to borrowing vaccines. It is your responsibility to keep up with what you have borrowed, switched, or otherwise transferred, both for balancing your VaxCare inventory and your VFC inventory.

Furthermore, to keep your inventory on track for AVR (Automatic Vaccine Reorder), we will invoice you for the vaccines borrowed out of your VaxCare inventory. You will be credited back for the borrowed doses if and when they are returned to inventory, or when the returned doses are checked out and given to a VaxCare patient (see below).

Secondly, we do not guarantee vaccine availability if you choose to borrow from VaxCare for a VFC patient. The Pentacel shortage that has drastically reduced VFC availability also affects us, though our expansive network does prevent many of our partners from feeling the shortage. That said, when you signed up with VaxCare, your Pentacel allocation came with you, and we absolutely cannot guarantee any additional doses because you chose to give them to a patient outside of VaxCare.

Borrowing a Dose from VaxCare to VFC or from VFC to VaxCare

From the home screen of your VaxCare Hub, click the "Adjust Inventory" button.

Select the "Transfer Doses" icon. You will then be prompted to choose whether you are transferring the doses in or out as well as where the doses will be transferred from.

Choose "Between Inventories" and you will be prompted to select the inventory you would like to transfer the doses from and the inventory you would like to transfer the doses to.

After completing your selection, you will be directed to the screen which will allow you to scan or search for the products that you are transferring. You can scan or use the purple magnifying glass to manually add the product from this screen.

After adding the dose you can increase or decrease the quantity using the arrows next to the quantity, or by tapping the quantity itself in order to prompt the PIN pad to enter it manually. Tap the check mark button to confirm the dose and amount.

When you have added all Product Lot Numbers & entered quantities for each selection, tap the arrow button to continue to the confirmation screen. One or more products must be present in the transaction in order to continue.

After reviewing the products included in the transaction on the Confirmation screen, you may tap the check mark button in order to submit the transfer and continue to the complete screen.

The complete screen will display a summary of doses in the transfer. You will now be prompted to Log Out.

If you expect a rapid increase in vaccine usage, please let us know in advance and we'll be happy to stock you with whatever we can!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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