VaxCare can bill your patient's Medicare D plan for TDAP and Zoster! 

IMPORTANT updates:

  • Med D eligibility DOES NOT run automatically. You must click on the Med D icon to run eligibility. 
  • You must upload to VaxCare a signed copy of the patient consent
  • VaxCare will send you a list of missing signed consents the week following

Follow these steps to run Medicare D eligibility and vaccinate your patient!

Select the Med D icon

If you have a patient that is 64-years-old or older, VaxCare will present a Med D icon in the patient responsibility column.

Verify Patient Data and Provide Payment information

To run a successful Med D eligibility check you must provide a valid social security number. The patient will almost always have a copay. In order for the doses to be Risk Free, the patient's copay must be collected by entering a credit or debit card, which will be charged after administration of the patient's vaccine(s) and submission of the patient's signed consent form. We cannot accept cash copays for Medicare vaccines.

If the Patient is Eligible...

Once you enter this payment information, your Med D icon will have a green check mark, ensuring your patient's check-in is Risk Free.  

If the Patient is Not Eligible...

If your patient is not eligible, or if the patient has already received TDAP or Zoster, the vaccines will not show up in the list of covered vaccines. You will also see a red X next to the Med D icon.

Print + Sign Consent Form

Once you have confirmed Med D eligibility and entered the patient's copay information, click on the printer icon to the left of the patient's name to print their consent form. Have the patient sign the consent form before vaccine administration.

Lastly, upload the signed consent form (or batch of consent forms) on a daily to weekly basis. Simply have the patient sign the consent form, scan it into your computer, and securely upload these forms right from your Vaxcare portal by clicking Resources (up top) -> Forms (left hand panel) -> Consent Form Uploader. 

Uploading through our portal ensures secure and HIPAA compliant transmission of protected health information (PHI).  We use ShareFile to upload, a third-party HIPAA Compliant solution.  

Log into your portal and click HERE to be directed to our consent form upload page. 

VaxCare will not submit the Med D claim to Medicare until after the signed consent form has been sent to us. If we do not receive the signed consent form after 25 days, VaxCare will charge back to you, as the partner, the cost of the Med D vaccine.

Why is a Signature Required?

It is a CMS requirement to capture patient signature. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires signature of the patient or the patient’s legal representative to validate a properly executed Medicare D informed consent. 

Therefore, VaxCare requires a copy of the signed patient consent for Med D.

It has always been a VaxCare requirement that a patient signature be collected for Med D and held at your office for auditing purposes. As of 9/6/18, we are increasing partner accountability and requiring that a copy of the signature be sent to VaxCare for consent auditing purposes.

As noted above, if VaxCare does not receive the signed consent form after 25 days, VaxCare will charge back to you the cost of the Med D vaccine.

Additional Notes

If the patient has Medicare Part B (or an Advantage Plan) and only wishes to receive flu, Pneumovax, or Prevnar, you do not need to complete the Medicare D pop-up box or enter a credit or debit card. If the patient only has Medicare Part B and does not have Medicare Part D, they need to self-pay for TDAP or Zoster, as they do not have insurance coverage that will cover the cost of these vaccines.

You can also fax us the signed consent forms at 855-418-9149

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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