The What's in the Fridge Report (or WITF for short) keeps a real-time vaccine log so you can quickly glance at your VaxHub app home screen and see the status of your vaccine inventory!

When Fed Ex delivers a vaccine shipment, the VaxHub WITF Report will automatically update, typically within 10 minutes (though it can take until the end of the business day). We know exactly what lot numbers were shipped to you from the distributor, so you do not need to scan the vaccines into the Hub. The lot numbers will be ready and waiting for you!

The only thing you need to do is to confirm that the contents of the shipping cooler match the packing slip that came with your order. The VaxHub will update to match the packing slip (i.e. what we told VaxServe, our distributor, to ship to you), so you just want to make sure that what we told VaxServe to ship to you is what they actually shipped to you. If you find an error, please call us immediately and directly. Do not attempt to call VaxServe to fix the issue, as this delays the remediation process.

As you check out your patients, the VaxHub will deduct the vaccines from your inventory on the WITF Report in real-time. The numbers you're seeing on the VaxHub are pulling directly from our internal inventory system, so you can rest assured that if the vaccine doses are deducting from the WITF Report, we are receiving your patient check-outs!

If you do remove a patient's vaccine from their check-out prior to the end of the business day, the WITF Report assumes you were able to place the unused vaccine back in your fridge. If you are not able to do so and must waste the dose, please complete an inventory loss form and send it to our Customer Care team. For more information, see Wasting a Vaccine.

If you find any errors on your WITF Report (i.e. the VaxHub is updating before Fed Ex officially delivers a shipment), please contact us immediately. We strive to give you a consistently accurate snapshot of your inventory, so we want to fix any concerns right away!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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