Nope, it's not magic, though sometimes it certainly feels that way! Before you even notice you need to place an order, a shipment shows up on your doorstep, containing exactly the vaccines you need! Here at VaxCare, we call this Automatic Vaccine Replenishment, or AVR for short.

Automatic Vaccine Replenishment

AVR is a complicated series of algorithms that predicts vaccine usage based on your administration history and seasonal upswings, but the concept is really quite simple: We set a minimum for your location (generally about a 3-week supply), and as you near that minimum reorder point, the system ships you more! As long as you are using vaccines consistently each month -- again, excluding seasonal increases, which AVR knows you'll need -- AVR will keep you perfectly stocked.

This is why it is so vitally important that we know exactly how many of each product are in your fridge at any given time. It's why we initiated the weekly inventory count requirement, and it's why we really need you to report wasted, expired, or otherwise non-viable vaccines to us immediately. This ensures that AVR stays right on track!

When do I need to order more?

That said, if you expect a rapid upswing in usage not related to a seasonal increase, you'll need to place an order with our Customer Care team. For example, you might be hosting a vaccine clinic at your office or adding a new provider to your practice. In both cases, you're going to give significantly more doses than your usual pattern of usage, so our team will ship you extra vaccines to give AVR time to "catch up" to your new normal.

How do I place an order?

Simply call our Customer Care team at 1-888-829-8550 or email us at at least two weeks before a scheduled event. We'll make sure you're good to go from there!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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