Having a vaccine clinic and would like our help streamlining the process? Learn more about how our Community Events feature will help you register and schedule your patients for clinic events with ease.

Once you've contacted us to enable our Community Events feature for your practice, the next step is to create your temporary Community Events clinic(s).

Here's how:

1.) Log in to Vaxcare.com, click your name in the top right-hand corner, and then "Setup"

2.) Select "Create New Clinic." This will open up a window to input more information related to the temporary community events clinic you are creating. Below is an example of a completed form, but we will walk you through each step.

3.) For location information, we recommend you enter in the type of vaccine clinic, clinic location and date of clinic (Example: Covid Clinic - Church Street - 3/23/21)

4.) Check off the "Community Events" clinic type

5.) As the individual setting up the clinic, enter your name, your contact number, and the address of the clinic location.

7.) You can leave location ID blank

8.) Select the permanent practice location that you will be pulling vaccine from (this will be the location whose vaccine inventory you will be using for the clinic). If you're a single location organization, simply select your practice from the dropdown

9) You must select a date and time for the clinic. You can create multiple temporary clinics as needed.

10) Once you have completed filling out the information on your temporary Community Events clinic, click "Save"

This will create a temporary clinic location. On your Vaxcare.com scheduler, you can click the clinic dropdown and the newly created temporary clinic will appear in the dropdown. When you click on the newly created temporary clinic, it will default to the date of the clinic.

And you're done creating your community event clinic! You can create any additional clinics as needed that you would like your community to be able to register for. Now simply provide the Community Events portal link and registration code to your patients/community, and from there they can register for your upcoming clinic(s) and input their information. Once the patients complete registration, they will be automatically scheduled on your temporary clinic for the date of the clinic. To learn more about the patient registration link, code, and process, click HERE!

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