What is Community Events?

Whether you're planning a vaccination clinic for Covid, Flu, or any other vaccines, VaxCare's Community Events feature will help you register and schedule your patients with ease - meaning less manual data entry from you, and more time focusing on your patients and community.

Patients can access an online form to register for your clinic event, input their demographic information, and be automatically scheduled for an appointment - and then all you have to do is vaccinate and check out the dose!

How Does It Work?

1.) If you are holding a clinic and would like to use our Community Events platform, the first step is to opt-in. Simply email help@vaxcare.com or call 888-829-8550. Let our team know and we will get the feature enabled for your practice!

2.) Once you've opted into our Community Events feature, our team will provide you a link where patients can register for your clinic event, as well as an enrollment code unique to your organization. You will provide that link and code to your patients and community so from there they can register for your clinic event.

3.) Here is the view from the Patient: They will enter in the enrollment code and will select from any upcoming community event clinics you have created.

4.) The patient will then register themselves or others and input demographic, contact, and insurance information

5.) After inputting their information, the patient will answer CDC contraindication questions

6.) Finally, the patient will consent to vaccination via electronic signature and submit their registration

7.) Once submitted, the patient will receive confirmation of registration with the option to save and print their completed registration form

8.) Whenever a patient completes registration, they will be automatically scheduled an appointment on the date of the temporary event clinic you created. All you need to do on the day of the clinic is vaccinate the patient, and check them out on your VaxHub or MobileHub, it's easy!

Ready to get started? Make sure you've first contacted us to opt-in and then create your temporary community event clinic(s). Once you've set up your clinics, send the registration link and code out to your patients/community and then get ready to vaccinate!

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