The VaxHub -- or simply "the Hub" -- refers to the tablet we have provided to your practice. You will use the VaxHub to check out patients daily and count your inventory weekly.

This is your VaxHub. It is a specially-designed Android tablet with a built-in barcode scanner. Oh, and it's on a nifty stand we crafted with scanning in mind! 

Turning on your VaxHub will bring you to a lock screen. Simply slide the lock to open the tablet. We can set a passcode if you have concerns about, say, after-hours staff accessing the internet capabilities on the VaxHub, but we ask that you don't set a passcode to the tablet without assistance from our team.

Unlocking your VaxHub will bring you to the Home screen, which hosts a collection of apps you'll need as a VaxCare partner.

You can tap the Home button (which looks like a circle) to return to the Home screen from any other screen. You can use the square icon to the right of the Home button to see which apps are running and forcefully shut down any that don't seem to be responding.

The VaxHub app is typically found near the middle of the screen. This is the app you will use to check out patients and count inventory. It looks like this. 

And opening the VaxHub app looks like this.

The Quick Support app is used under the guidance of Customer Care if you are having issues with your VaxHub. This allows your Customer Success Advocate to remotely access your Hub (with your permission) to see what you're seeing.

The Settings app is how you will connect your VaxHub to Wifi.

And this icon will show you all of the apps you have available on your VaxHub.

This is what the Apps page looks like. The good news is that you'll only use this screen under the guidance of Customer Care!

And that concludes our VaxHub tour!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team. We're happy to help! Message us directly by clicking on the blue Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. Email us at Or call us at 1-888-829-8550.

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