Alright, so your front desk staff already checked your patient in to the VaxCare system and verified their insurance and demographic information. Now your patient is here and ready to be vaccinated!

Check-out is the final step to vaccinating your patient and completes the Risk Free Guarantee. The best part? It takes just 30 seconds. Seriously, it will take us longer to show you the VaxHub than it will for you to check out your patient!

And for all my grocery store self-checkout enthusiasts (you know who you are), get excited! This one's for you.

As we mentioned in the last article, your designated Inventory Manager will take an inventory count via the VaxHub once a week, ideally on the same day each week. Though you may not often be the one actually taking this count, it's important for you to see how counts are completed so that you can be sure to alert your Inventory Manager if there is any reason she/he could expect the counts to be off. Your practice is responsible for broken or missing doses, so everyone plays a role in keeping the counts accurate and complete!

Ready to complete your training? Answer the following question correctly to finish your training series. Answer incorrectly, and the current article will refresh, giving you the opportunity to answer again.

How often should you check the Daily Check Out report?

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