One of the best things about VaxCare is that we do the work of billing for your vaccines AND guarantee you payment for the doses you administer!  That said, we have to make sure VaxCare is doing the billing for both the vaccine CPT and the admin CPT, and not your EMR!

So how do you turn off automatic billing in your EMR to make sure claims aren't double-billed to the insurance company?

With Athena, it's super easy!

Simply log in to Athena, and click on the Claims tab (the navy blue space in the image below represents the space where patient data is found in your user portal). 

Find the category for vaccines (red box in the image below), and uncheck the box for vaccine billing (see red arrow in the image below).

Save your changes, and you're done! 

You will notice that your vaccine charges no longer show up as part of the patient claim checkout page. No double billing on your watch. :)

For further assistance, please call our Customer Care team at 1-888-829-8550. We're happy to help!

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